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OWFI Virtual Workshop

Shattering the Block: The Psychology and Treatment of Writer’s Block by Jack Burgos

NOVEMBER 21, 2019
7 P.M. CDT

Many very intelligent people disagree about whether writer’s block exists. What is clear is that many aspiring authors often feel “blocked”—the sense of being incapable of continuing to compose new work, or the distinct feeling that one’s creativity has ground to a halt. In this virtual workshop, we will operationalize writer’s block from a cognitive-behavioral perspective based on what the research has shown about differences between people who experience writer’s block (i.e., “blockers”) and people who don’t (i.e., “nonblockers”). We will list the basic elements of writer’s block and go over how each interferes with the composition process. Finally, we will talk about how to address writer’s block in real life, that is, how to get rid of it for good: a discussion that you will find especially useful if you can identify yourself as a “blocker.”

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