Who is Nevermore Edits?

A hundred years ago (i.e. 2012), we started a little critique group. We discovered each of us liked to write. We already knew we liked being catty and judgmental. It seemed like the next logical step.

It was a trial run for those of us with more experience—who knew what hell workshops could be. For others, it was a way to dip our toes in a dream that we’d forgotten we’d once had. For others still, it was a way to hang out with friends who shared a passion for the written word.

Then founding members Jack and Adrean took a workshop with a really fantastic professor who introduced them to an abbreviated version of Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process. They brought it to Nevermore and it helped calm the chaos. Even better, it challenged them to really look into the work they were critiquing and dig out the marrow of what was working and what wasn’t

By 2013, the Nevermore Edits Writing Club was incorporated in the State of Oklahoma.

The group grew so large, they could no longer meet in Adrean’s living room. Nevermore started meeting at the Equality Center. This allowed for more space, but limited the time of the meeting.

In 2017, Nevermore moved to Mammoth Comics. This location allowed for the group to stay later if needed as Nevermore members were on staff there. This also had the benefit of not having the possibility of disturbing others as the comic shop closed before the meeting started.

Nevermore applied for and received their 501(c)3 non-profit designation in 2018.

In 2019, Adrean and a few other Nevermore members started a book shop just down from the comic shop called Phantasmagoria Books and Records. The workshop moved over.

That year also saw the start of our second workshop at Hardesty Regional Library in response to a growing membership.

Today we are a young, growing 501(c)3 non-profit motivated to provide opportunities for writers and readers to come together to improve their craft; to facilitate social networking among writers, readers, editors, and publishers; and to encourage diversity in the literary arts and the greater Tulsa community.