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Old Writing Desk: ID 15088149 © Leigh Prather

Writing a Book (The End): ID 64078946 © Victorass88

Famous Murder 2 (MacBeth): ID 10698692 © Photowitch

Corvidae Courier photo taken by member JayCee on 13 September 2019.


Group Photo of Phantasmagoria Workshop was taken on 13 September 2019 by member JayCee.

Group photo of Hardesty Workshop was taken by Speaker Ryan’s spouse on 25 September 2019.


Image of outside of Hardesty Library used for event pages is taken from the Tulsa City-County Library system Hardesty Regional Library page on 27 September 2019.

Image of the outside of Phantasmagoria Records and Books was taken on an unknown date by owner and Nevermore Edits member Shannon.